Continuing our journey forward from ancient China brought us to a turn-of-the-century espresso bar in Rome. Here, baristas pull espresso shots with keen awareness of how nature is transmuted through technology. However, with selections of green beans pouring in from around the world, cafes are hard-pressed to maintain consistent quality as their time-honored rituals of extraction and emulsification of oils into colloid can no longer rely on trusted sources.

Our desire for authentic, quality ingredients led us to Colombia, where high elevation arabica beans are grown and processed. Italian coffee culture has long been embedded here, as roasting espresso is a livelihood native to families who have perfected the art of cultivating this mountainous region for centuries. Since 2014, we have been learning from these farmers to develop artisanal drinks that would make a traditional barista proud.

Over the past few years, large chains have introduced the public to premium coffee through espresso, and more people are developing a deeper appreciation for its taste. Tea drinking is also growing at a dramatic rate, with 60 billion gallons per year drunk by Americans alone. Tea has tremendous health benefits, and the idea of a quick “tea” in place of a quick “espresso” is what we call “t-spresso”. Cortile has created a technique for brewing single origin tea in collaboration with La Cimbali, a venerated Italian manufacturer. Our premium-leaf tea can be served in such a way to replicate the high art of coffee with a bolder, richer flavor.