For centuries, tea was the living jewel cultivated by artisans of the East. From its inception in China, the allure of tea has since spread to the rest of the world. A few hundred years ago, tea was a valuable commodity for foreign traders who risked life and limb in their eagerness to satisfy the appetite for tea in their homelands. Across eastern dynasties and western empires, tea was the drink of civilization. Even today, tea surpasses all other beverages in popularity (second to water). But the passion for superior handcrafted tea has dimmed as industrial processes have flooded today's global markets with cheap and unhealthy substitutes. In this climate of easy accessibility, the quest for traditionally prepared, exceptional quality tea has become our calling.

Of the many thousands of tea varieties available, a rarified few are offered by the Mandarin's Tea Room. To ensure the choicest picks of the season, we travel frequently to the regions where our teas are produced. Unlike other purveyors that rely on second hand distribution, our teas are acquired directly from tea farms with the blessings of the families who tend them. This guarantees minimal handling of the fragile leaf, superior quality, and optimal storage. Our close relationships with tea growers ensure that we remain up-to-date on the season's harvests and production schedules. The labor intensive techniques used to produce our teas means there is less to share but more to appreciate.

The Mandarin's Tea Room was created to return tea to it's status as a uniquely natural treasure. Along with our curated catalogue of teas, a wealth of knowledge distilled from our experiences and discoveries is now available online. Within our virtual tearooms, new levels of tea appreciation await discerning individuals looking to educate their palates.