Oolong Anxi High Fired TiKwanYin (Volume, per g)


A oolong crafted from both fall and spring harvests and carefully fired for two days.

    • Dry Leaf Aroma: Soft and warming with delicate spices
    • Wet Leaf Aroma: Nutty with dried fruit, lightly sour citrus peel
    • Body: A still youthful display of floral sweetness is wrapped in an abundance of autumn fruit and roasted grains. The warm, spicy aroma lingers for several infusions and perfumes the palate. Sweet and toasty, the texture is toothsome while still retaining the lightness of greener oolong. The flavor is a comforting balance of of honey and ginger notes. 
    • Finish: Sweet and dry with light citrus
    • Qi: Gentle and soothing
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Brewing Parameters:
Vessel size: 40ml - 150ml. Tea quantity: 1/2 or 3/4 Vol. of vessel capacity. Water Temperature: Fish-eye boil - 212 degrees F.
Brewing Time:
Flash rinse: Pour the heated water over the tea leaves until covered. Quickly pour out the water and allow the now rinsed leaves to sit for 20 sec. 1st steep: 5s - 2nd steep: 10s - 3rd steep: 20s - 4th steep: 30s - 5th steep: 60s.
Traditional Kung-Fu Tea Preparation:
Pre-heat your tea vessel with boiling water, discard water before putting tea in. Add the tea leaves to the heated vessel. Add boiling water to the leaves until tea vessel overflows. Discard water immediately, this is to rinse and heat the tea leaves
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